Sarah Silverman Makes a Few Rape Jokes, Many Women Still Love Her

What does Silverman have that Daniel Tosh does not?

Sarah Silverman has never shied away from wading into the culture wars. (Photo: Fred Prouser/Reuters)

Jul 16, 2012
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Tosh.0 host Daniel Tosh took to the stage of Los Angeles’s Laugh Factory a couple of weekends ago and divided the Internet into two camps: 1) People whose contempt for Daniel Tosh had been validated. 2) People with no previous knowledge of Daniel Tosh who had now learned to detest him.

Tosh’s defining action had been to suggest gang raping an audience member who had voiced disagreement with the comedian’s contention that rape jokes are always funny.

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According to the eagle eyes for irony and infamy at Feministing, Sarah Silverman—star of The Sarah Silverman Program—was across the country at Connecticut’s Foxwoods Casino making a few rape jokes of her own on the very night that Daniel Tosh pigged out.

Check out Sarah’s take on rape as a taboo breaker’s comedic staple—or consult this transcript of the Silverman’s transgressing humor:

We need more rape jokes. We really do. I love that some people applauded that.

Needless to say, rape, the most heinous crime imaginable. Seems it’s a comic’s dream, though. Because it seems that when you do rape jokes that like the material is so dangerous and edgy. But the truth is, it’s like the safest area to talk about in comedy. Cause who’s going to complain about a rape joke? Rape victims? They don’t even report rape. I mean, they’re traditionally not complainers.

Like the worst maybe thing that could happen, and I would feel terrible, is like after a show maybe somebody comes up to you and is like, “Look I’m a victim of rape, and as a victim of rape I just want to say I thought that joke was inappropriate and insensitive and totally my fault and I am so sorry.”

That’s right, let’s take them down a notch! They’ve had it too good for too long, am I right? Let’s take back the night back!

Silverman, unlike Tosh, is not being skewered across the entire World Wide Web for her jokes about a topic many people feel is beyond the comedic pale.

Does a double standard account for the variance in responses? Or is Silverman’s humor simply more topical and smarter about making a valid societal criticism than Tosh’s?

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