5 Apps Every College Student Should Not Live Without

Paperless productivity at your fingertips—and it will only cost you $1.

Upgrade your studying techniques with these apps for college students. (Photo: Akiko Aoki/ Getty Images) 

Jul 12, 2012

The life of a college student can be jam-packed with deadlines, places to be, and things to do. In short, it’s stressful stuff. So here are five smartphone/tablet apps we think no college student should go without. 

RateMyProfessor Free

Pick your classes with this great website turned app. Look at professsor ratings based on comments and evaluations of past students. The app covers more than 6,000 schools all over the U.S., and, hey, who do you trust more: the course guide or your peers?  

iStudiez Pro — $0.99

This app helps you keep track of your school schedule and exam dates. With the daily and weekly schedule, you will never forget to show up to class, especially with its push features and iCal integration. Make sure to input assignments so you always do your homework on time and figure out where you stand by calculating your grade in the class and overall GPA.

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Dictionary.com — Free

Every college student wants to expand their vocabulary. This app houses a dictionary and a thesaurus, which are essential resources. An added plus is being able to star your favorite words.

Evernote — Free

The life of a college student is no joke. This app can get you through even the most daunting research project. It easily allows you to take notes, record audio, snap a picture, and even store documents. What sets Evernote apart is that it syncs between all capable devices.


This app makes prepping for midterms and final exams easy and more enjoyable. Flashcard sets can be custom crafted through the app or found through Quizlet’s established stash. Study as you go and give yourself the gift of deeper processing by increasing the number of your study sessions.

After you’re done taking your exams this year, or just need a little break, download these helpful yoga apps and chant om

Did we miss an essential app for college students? Share your picks in the comments below.

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