16 Kids Who Are Changing the World

From building a better school bus to completing a triathlon, these inspiring kids are making a major impact.
The young people across America who are making a positive impact on the environment and on people's lives. (Photo: MSN Causes)
Jun 25, 2012
Jenny Inglee is a Los Angeles-based journalist and the Education Editor at TakePart.

For our newest issue of TakePart's magazine on MSN Causes, we are highlighting inspiring kids across the country who are making a major impact. Each of these young heroes proves that when it comes to making a difference, age simply doesn't matter.

Some of the amazing kids you'll learn about include Riley Hebbard, a young girl who started sending her toys to refugee children in Darfur when she was just four years old; Cassandra Lin, a 14-year-old who gets restaurants to donate their used cooking oil so she can convert it to biodiesel and give it to disadvantaged families for home heating; and Timmy Tyrrell, a 7-year-old who races go-karts to raise money for cancer research.

We've also got a profile of a champion triathlete who happens to be only 13, an interview with young celeb Bailee Madison, and a gallery of jewelry and other accessories made by kids. Each piece benefits a charity the kids care about.

We hope these stories inspire you and your family to get involved in a cause that means something to you. Remember, you're never too young or old to make a difference in someone's life.

Read more at TakePart.msn.com.

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