The Top 10 Education Experts to Follow on Twitter

Stay up to date on education news, policy and innovation by following these education experts on Twitter.
Former D.C. Chancellor Michelle Rhee is one of the education experts that is worthy of a follow on Twitter. (Photo: Washington Post/Getty Images)
Jun 13, 2012
Jenny Inglee is a Los Angeles-based journalist and the Education Editor at TakePart.

If you are a parent, teacher or simply interested in innovations in education, these are 10 experts you should follow on Twitter. They'll help you keep your finger on the education pulse.

1. @DianeRavitch: Diane Ravitch is a research professor of education at New York University who has written countless books on education. She shares a blog called Bridging Differences with Deborah Meier, hosted by Education Week. She's honest, has an open mind and knows her stuff. Follow her for education news.

2. @DebMeier: Deborah Meier is an education activist who spent 45 years working in K-12 public schools in East Harlem and Boston. Jay Matthews of The Washington Post says she and Diane Ravitch, "may be the most knowledgeable and articulate education experts in the country." Deborah is very active on Twitter, as is Diane. The two aren't afraid to speak their mind about testing and accountability versus responsibility in educating our children.

3. @m_rhee: Michelle Rhee is a controversial and inspirational figure. She is the CEO and founder of StudentsFirst—an organization focused on pushing legislators, courts, district administrators, and school boards to create and enforce policies that put students first. Before starting StudentsFirst, Rhee was the Chancellor of D.C.'s public schools.

4. @arneduncan: Arne Duncan is the U.S. Secretary of Education. Check his Twitter feed for updates on federal policy and new education initiatives.

5. @Larryferlazzo: Larry Ferlazzo is an award-winning inner-city high school teacher. He writes books and blogs to help teachers. His Classroom Q & A on Education Week is particularly good.

6. @rweingarten: Randi Weingarten is the head of the American Federation of Teachers. She's a powerhouse who is working to make her teacher's union a major force for change on behalf of students.

7. @TeacherBeat: Stephen Sawchuk covers teachers for Education Week. Follow him for the latest in teacher development.

8. @alexanderrusso: Alexander Russo gives his This Week in Education readers and his Twitter followers the inside scoop on the latest education news and politics—from a variety of perspectives.

9. @johnwoodRTR: If you're interested in education in the developing world, follow John Wood. He's the inspirational founder of Room to Read, an organization that establishes libraries all over the world.

10. @melindagates: Melinda Gates is the co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She tweets about education initiatives abroad and in the U.S., as well as about the organization's other philanthropic endeavors.

Have we forgotten someone? Share your favorite education Twitter feeds in the comments below.

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