ONE Campaign Will Spray Your @G8 Tweets all Over the Street

Do you have a pithy thing to tell the leaders of the free world? Send it here.

Join ONE Campaign in telling the G8 Summit to get off the road to nowhere and onto the expressway to equitable global development. (Photo: Courtesy ONE Campaign)

May 18, 2012
Allan MacDonell is TakePart’s News + Opinion editor, with a focus on social justice.

Depending on your position on the sanctity of the International Monetary Fund, you will view the ONE Campaign’s Street Tweeter as either a robotic graffiti artist or a mechanized vandal.

The mobile device spurts out bursts of prose that combine the soul of a poet with the heart of a political reformer, and prints these barbed bon mots on the street, all in (as has so often been said) 140 characters or less.

ONE Campaign will be rolling its Street Tweeter along the pavement directly outside the gates of Camp David, angling to engage the G8 Summit convening at the famous presidential retreat today and Saturday.

The so-called Group of Eight comprises leaders from the world’s most advanced economies. If any humans on earth have the power to eradicate poverty and global AIDS, it would be the G8, wouldn’t you think?

Well, the ONE Campaign agrees. That’s why it is asking you to, “Send your 140 character message to inspire and encourage G8 leaders to act now on hunger and poverty.”

Tweet your message for the big deals at the G8 to @ONEStreetTweet. A hydraulic automaton just might print your feelings and ideas on the Camp David driveway—in non-toxic, water-soluble paint.


Will the leaders of the free world listen to the Twitters of the free world? Leave your impressions yes or no in COMMENTS.

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