Clip of the Day: 5,000 Jokes for Cancer

Jokes 4 Miles is fighting cancer, one joke at a time.
Apr 25, 2012

You’ve probably heard countless times that laughter is the best medicine, but Len Austrevich has taken that old adage literally. Len’s 19-year-old son, Miles, was diagnosed with brain cancer over three years ago. He has undergone radiation, chemotherapy, and stem-cell replacement therapy, but is now facing his fourth recurrence of the disease.

To keep up Miles’ spirits, Len, a former stand-up comedian, launched Jokes 4 Miles, a drive to get 5,000 people to send Miles jokes and well wishes. Since the campaign launched, Miles has received jokes from comedians like Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Jack McBrayer, Kristen Schaal, Will Arnett, Jay Leno, Bob Saget, Andy Dick, and Bill Murray. Right now, The Laugh Factory is hosting a joke-a-thon, at both their Chicago and Los Angeles locations, to help Miles get closer to his goal. 

Miles Austrevich, 19, explains what Jokes 4 Miles means to him.

Len and Miles have big plans once they reach 5,000 jokes. They are currently fundraising to make a documentary together, and plan to keep the movement going by collecting personalized jokes for other kids fighting cancer.

You can learn more about sending a joke to Miles on his website.

What joke will you send to Miles?

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