Clip of the Day: Domino’s Pizza’s Eco-Friendly, Talking Scooters

Pizza delivery in the Netherlands goes green.
Apr 19, 2012

When you think of Domino’s Pizza, eco-friendly delivery probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In the Netherlands however, Domino’s is delivering pizza on 100 percent electric scooters.

While these scooters cut back on carbon emissions and save on fuel costs, they have one big drawback: they’re totally silent. As much as a quiet vehicle seems like a pleasant thing, a silent scooter raises safety concerns.

Onlookers smile at Domino's Netherlands new delivery methods.

So, Domino’s Netherlands made the best of the situation by adding human engine sounds that serve as both safety warnings and subliminal advertising. You can probably make out the sounds of “Domino’s,” “mmm,” and “pizza.” The scooter also says “lekker,” which means nice/delicious/tasty in Dutch.

Would you order take-out more often if the delivery methods were eco-friendly?

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