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Welcome to TakePart on Tuesday
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Apr 17, 2012
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If you're like us, you're probably already tired of the election-year talking heads who have taken over cable news, talk radio and the Internet. Sure, they seem to suck up a lot of airtime. But are they really saying anything? Are they advancing the story beyond the latest who's-up-who's-down chatter? Not really.

That's why TakePart's set out to offer you a new, fresh look at the 2012 elections. We're calling it TakePart on Tuesday (more on that later). Think of us as your one-stop election center to find out how the issues you really care about—from education to the environment, from food policy to nuclear weapons—will be impacted by the choices you make at the ballot box in November. 

Every day we'll be featuring a great mix of articles, videos, and infographics from our staff writers and contributors focusing on issues that matter most. 

You'll also find a set of issue briefings that break down exactly what's at stake and who the major players are. And as always, we'll tell you exactly how to get involved and take action. You can start by registering to vote. 

And don't miss our YouTube playlist of key election videos, our Twitter lists dedicated to each issue, and our calendar of key election dates. 

We're particularly excited about our Civics in a Minute video series, hosted by Jacob Soboroff, where we answer all those questions you probably forgot from high school civics class, like, "What is the electoral college?" It's all part of our mission to get you excited about taking part in our democracy and voting this November.

Which leads us back to our name: TakePart on Tuesday. See, that's the day we vote. But do you know why? I'm guessing not. Most people don't. Turns out, we vote on Tuesday because that's when it was most convenient for folks in 1845, when we still travelled by horse and buggy. Yup. We haven't changed election day since before the Civil War. And guess what? It's not cuz it ain't broken.

America's voter turnout rates are in the toilet. And voting on Tuesday has a lot to do with it. We've partnered with WhyTuesday, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing voter participation and making it easier for people to cast their ballots. 

You see, we want you to TakePart on Tuesday this fall. But we also want to know whether you think that's really the best way we could be doing things. 

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or right here in the comments section. Tell us why you're voting this year, and which issues are motivating you to go to the polls. 

And don't forget to TakePart on Tuesday.

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