Clip of the Day: Man Swims With Adorably Dangerous Pet Polar Bear

A Canadian animal trainer enjoys a morning dip with a 600-pound carnivore.
Apr 12, 2012

Do not try this at home. Well, unless you have a polar bear in your backyard, you probably can’t anyway.

Mark and Dawn Dumas do have a 600-pound polar bear in their backyard, and that’s not all. Their company, Beyond Just Bears, has a menagerie of trained cats, dogs, squirrels, hedgehogs, raccoons, opossums, cougars, wolves, deer, birds, and, of course, bears. Algee, Mark’s swimming partner in the video, is the only trained polar bear in North America.

Although Algee seems to live in a fun and loving home, do you think she should be there? The World Wildlife Federation reports that there are only 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears still left in the wild. Global warming has taken a toll on both their numbers and behaviors. Given the grave condition of the species, should we be playing with polar bears and putting them in movies?

Just in case you are tempted to re-create this adorable scene, please remember, a polar bear has hundreds of pounds on you and crunches seals half your size for breakfast.

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