Clip of the Day: Coal Will Say Anything

Meet Mr. Coal Guy—The star of The Sierra Club's new viral video series.
Apr 2, 2012

The Sierra Club doesn’t trust anything the coal industry says. In fact, Mary Anne Hitt, director of the Beyond Coal Campaign, calls some of Big Coal's claims, “truly absurd.” It makes sense then, that Beyond Coal's new series of videos incorporates a little wackiness. The clip above is just one of five planned to lampoon the coal industry.

Thinking outside the video box, Mr. Coal Guy, the character featured in the clips, has his own profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The campaign also includes an animated-gif heavy website, That’s So Coal, that allows for user-generated content. Viral counter-spin campaigns may not be what John Muir imagined when founding the Sierra Club 120 years ago, but Mr. Coal Guy is certainly bringing attention to the cause.

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