Clip of the Day: Biker Throws Trash Back Into Car

Do-gooder gives litterbug a taste of its own waste.
Mar 27, 2012· 0 MIN READ
Originally from Baltimore, Oliver lives and writes on a quiet, tree-lined street in Brooklyn.

Canadian biking enthusiast 13mordeth was riding along one day when he noticed some trash being tossed from the car in front of him. Not one to let a karmic crime slide, the longtime Taiwan resident retrieved the trash, caught up with the car, and casually threw it back into the car's open window.

While we can't exactly advocate his method—it looks pretty dangerous for everyone involved—we like his spirit. And for naysayers who might think this is a case of Western ideals being imposed where they don't belong, it's worth noting that both littering and spitting are illegal in Taiwan, and reporting offenders has become a full-time profession.