A Natural Glow: Check Out This Amazing Apple-Powered Lamp

Photographer Caleb Charland used the power of fruit to capture a stunning image.

They keep the doctor away and power LEDs? Impressive.

(Photo: Caleb Charland)
Feb 21, 2012
Nichol Nelson is the Editorial Director at TakePart. She has worked in national digital and print publications in both New York and Los Angeles.

Remember those kitschy potato-powered clocks? Turns out, many fruits and vegetables can be used as an electrical conduit—all you need are two different metals (usually zinc and copper) suspended in an acid. Artist Caleb Charland took advantage of the acid in the flesh of an apple to set up this ethereal photo. He wired up 30 small LED lights under a lampshade at an apple orchard in Newburgh, Maine, then got the shot using a four-hour exposure. (It took about 10 apples, wired in series, to light each LED.) As he told My Modern Met, “I shot it on an unseasonably warm night in October under full moon light, it was quite a beautiful sight to observe.”

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