Ask President Obama: Why Is Election Day on a Tuesday?

How you can challenge the President to change this outdated law and move Election Day to the weekend.

On Jan. 30, just a few days after his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama will answer users' questions in a presidential Google+ hangout.

Jan 25, 2012
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President Barack Obama will be fielding your questions in a special Google+ hangout on Jan. 30. That’s right, you and eight other Google+ users have the chance to chat it up with our singing commander-in-chief and ask him all the questions you never hear on 60 Minutes.

While the conversation is focused on the State of the Union speech Obama gave on Jan. 24, anyone can submit a question at the White House’s YouTube channel.

The question TakePart is dying to ask our tech-savvy president is, “Would you support moving Election Day from Tuesday to the weekend?”

Why? Since the 1840s, elections have been held on Tuesdays, because that was the only time farmers travelling by horse and buggy could make it to the polls and get back home in time for market day.

Nowadays, there isn’t much of a reason to keep this antiquated rule. So, Why Tuesday? is trying to move Election Day to the weekend, in the hopes of improving the voting process and expanding turnout.

We've teamed up with Why Tuesday? to ask 2012 presidential candidates about this archaic law — check out the video above. Now, you’ve got the opportunity to ask Obama about this very problem. The president, who held a similar interview session on YouTube last year, is expected to answer some of the most popular questions.

Here's how you can help: Click here and vote thumbs up on the question: "Mr. President, would you support moving federal Election Day to the weekend to increase America's historically terrible voter turnout?"

Or you can share the message on Facebook and Twitter too: “I want to #askobama to support moving Election Day to the weekend. Vote @WhyTuesday now & please RT. 3 days left:”—with hundreds of thousands of submitted questions and millions of votes on YouTube, we need all the help we can get.

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