Why Vote Tuesday? (VIDEO)

Voter participation rates are in the toilet. So why are we still holding elections the same way we did in the 1840s?
Jan 17, 2012
Jacob Soboroff is the co-host of TakePart Live on Pivot

For five years I've been executive director of a nonpartisan group called Why Tuesday? that, you guessed it, advocates moving federal Election Day from the Tuesday after the first Monday in November to Saturday and Sunday to increase America's historically terrible voter turnout. Why do we vote on Tuesday? In the film you'll find out the ridiculously outdated answer. It will make you laugh, cry, and get angry all at once about how absurd the way we vote is in the United States, supposedly the world's most famous democracy.

Unfortunately for those of us who value our right to vote, there's nothing more wonky and less sexy than the specifics of when and how we cast a ballot. So in order to build public support for our movement to
reform our voting system we decided to create a documentary video blog and talk with presidential candidates about how they'd protect the right to vote and increase voter participation. In 2008, with a video camera in hand, I tracked down and spoke with Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John McCain to help build support for The Weekend Voting Act in Congress.

This year I teamed up with TakePart to hit the road again and produce this short film about my journey to Iowa to talk to the 2012 GOP contenders. Our timing couldn't be better, for a terrible reason: the day before I arrived in Iowa Attorney General Holder gave a major speech outlining what he sees to be a major rolling back of voting rights in the United States with new laws increasing hurdles to voting across the country.

I wanted to document the experience of being on the campaign trail to show how with relative easy anyone can track down a would-be president, particularly in the retail politics-friendly state of Iowa,
to make you voice heard. At the same time I wanted to play a friendly and respectful game of "gotcha"with the candidates, pointing out that while they are all running for the president, few if any know why they would be elected on a Tuesday in hopes that a little embarrassment in the spirit of fixing our democracy is a good thing.

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