Celebrity Chef Ludo Lefebvre's Hot New Dish: Baby Bites

New web series teaches new parents they don't have to compromise at the dinner table.
Dec 5, 2011
Exec. Prod. of Franchises & Series. He previously reported for HuffPost, L.A. Daily Journal, and Biloxi Sun-Herald.

He's one of L.A.'s hottest chefs, his popular pop-up restaurants sell out in mere minutes, and his namesake food truck attracts block-long lines of hungry Angelenos salivating at the thought of his famous fried chicken. So you'd think that Ludo Lefebvre would have no problem deciding what he and wife Krissy should dish up for their new baby twins every night. And you'd be wrong. 

Because as any experienced parent will tell you, those tricks that win rave reviews from restaurant critics and foodies—tricks like duck fat, sea salt and locally grown citrus—just won't fly when it comes to baby food. 

But Ludo and Krissy were determined to raise kids with a well-developed palette and an appreciation for the fresh, local ingredients from the farmer's market that they enjoy on their dinner plates every night.

So they set out to learn exactly how to incorporate the flavors they loved into an age-appropriate menu. And along the way they figured, why not share their new knowledge with other couples trying to manage a jam-packed schedule with a determination not to compromise on their food values. 

The result: Ludo Baby Bites, a new 12-part web series promoting "healthy eating for modern familes." They've teamed up with stroller manufacturer Bugaboo for the series, with a new episode debuting on the company's website every Tuesday.

 Photo: Ludo Baby Bites

"These days, life goes on at such an incredibly fast pace that you've got to stop and appreciate things—not only just family time—but we need to appreciate things that are going to make a difference for the rest of the children's lives," Krissy told TakePart in an interview at Bugaboo's headquarters in El Segundo, California. "What goes in their mouth is obviously the most important."

The first episode follows Ludo and Krissy to the Hollywood Farmers' Market as they explain the philospohy behind the new series. In the coming weeks, Ludo demonstrates a quick-and-easy fresh pasta sauce. He also dishes up a super-simple Goat Cheese Mac & Cheese that is so easy, even the most diehard fan of that classic blue and yellow box will count themselves converted. 

And for Ludo, that's the point: cooking fresh, wholesome meals for the family doesn't have to be a chore—or overwhelming.

"When you cook simple—when you steam a piece of fish or some vegetables, or put them in the oven to roast them—it doesn't take more than 20 minutes," he told TakePart.

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