A Darfuri Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

How you can spread a little holiday joy to refugee children half a world away.
Sudanese refugee women walk at the Djabal Camp in Chad, where the Enough Project is helping American school kids learn about their Darfuri peers. (Photo: Getty Images).
Nov 23, 2011
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Whether you're spending Wednesday trapped in some kind of nightmare travel scenario, figuring out how not to poison your guests, or just kicking back at Mom and Dad's house waiting for the big meal, chances are at some point on Thursday you're going to look around and realize that you've got a lot to be thankful for this year. 

Meghan Higginbotham, a staffer at the Enough Project, will be celebrating Thanksgiving slightly differently this year. Meghan has travelled to eastern Chad to help forge deeper connections between American schoolchildren and their peers in the Djabal and Goz Amer refugee camps. 

Nearly 300,000 refugees have been living in these camps since the conflict in Darfur began in 2003. Meghan and her colleagues at the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Project have helped connect students from 225 U.S. schools with 12 schools in the camps.

This Thanksgiving she'll be bringing holiday messages across the Atlantic and helping those of us back in the States learn how they can help young Darfuri students uprooted by war and conflict. Meghan explains: 

In the camps, I’m going to be meeting with students, parents, teachers, camp leaders, and field staff of the U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, to discuss DDT’s impact on education in Djabal camp and our goals for supporting Goz Amer camp. I’m also delivering letters from dozens of U.S. schools to their Darfuri Sister Schools. Throughout the trip, I’m going to be collecting the stories and aspirations of a few Darfuri refugees and sharing those on the Darfur Dream Team Facebook page and Enough Said blog.

Check out Meghan's blog at the Enough Project website, where she explains why she's going, along with the video below, and learn how you can lend a hand this holiday season. 

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