Produce Stickers That Dissolve Into Soap

Scott Amron's Fruitwash Labels wash your produce before disappearing down the drain.
Amron is hoping we can all wash produce stickers goodbye. (Photo: Amron Experimental)
Oct 26, 2011· 0 MIN READ
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You know that elusive place where engineering and art meet? That's where Scott Amron lives.

The artist and engineer, who made a splash a few years back with his simple yet revolutionary design for a toothbrush that can redirect water, is at it again with perhaps his most elegant idea yet: fruit stickers that dissolve into soap.

As most fruit and veggie aficionados know, those ubiquitous little produce stickers have an uncanny way of ending up in the most random places. Amron's labels, on the other hand, dissolve under water into a soapy mixture that helps remove dirt, water-resistant wax, pesticides, and fungicides.

Of course, if you're so inclined, you can also just peel it off normally. But with the millions of individual pieces of produce consumed each year, why contribute to the waste?

"I am more interested in an object's sense of purpose, that thing that makes it more interesting and more usable or sustainable or just simpler," said Amron in a 2008 Metro New York interview.

Although the produce stickers have yet to hit a grocery store near you (the company is reportedly offering a 10% stake in the venture), it's yet another example of Amron doing more with less. And judging by his wide array of creations since starting up his one-man shop in 2007, it won't be his last effort to change the way we look at simple products.

Amron Experimental via Inhabitat