A Drive-In Movie Theater for Bikes? It's Here

U.K.-based group introduces cycle-in cinemas powered by the people.
What, no reclining seats? (Photo: magnificentrevolution.org)
Oct 10, 2011· 0 MIN READ
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From washing machines to USB chargers, everyone is embracing the power of the pedal these days.

Leave it to the Brits to take it to the next level. Taking the retro appeal of drive-ins and combining it with modern-day green sensibilities, U.K.-based education group Magnificent Revolution has introduced their latest bike-powered movie theater.

"The electricity for the screenings is produced by the cyclists—you, your friends and neighbours," says the not-for-profit on their website.

"Audiences also learn about energy consumption along the way using a unique display system that shows how much power they are producing."

How does it work? Just ride to the screening on your two-wheeler, hook up to one of the generators, and start riding. Simple. Just don't forget your headphones—the soundtrack will be blasted wirelessly to your cell phone or radio.

Best of all, screenings are free—as they should be, considering who's footing the electricity bill.

Want to bring a cycle cinema to your neighborhood? Check in with Magnificent Revolution here.

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