World Teachers’ Day: 5 Ways to Support Our Educators

Do you have a favorite teacher?
Teaching music at Eagleview Elementary School. (Photo: Rick Wilking/Reuters)
Oct 4, 2011
Jenny Inglee is a Los Angeles-based journalist and the Education Editor at TakePart.

Is there a teacher that meant a lot to you growing up?

Wednesday October 5 is World Teachers’ Day, a time to show your support for your favorite teacher and all the educators fighting to give our kids a proper education. 

Here are five ways to show your support for great teachers.

1. Donate to a Classroom in Need With

The average teacher spends over $350 a year out-of-pocket on school supplies. You can help a teacher out by funding a classroom project at

2. Urge School Boards to Make Great Teachers a Top Priority

Write to your school board today to help ensure our schools have effective teachers who are provided with the support, encouragement and training they need.

3. Send Your Teacher an E-Card of Appreciation

If you think your teacher or your child’s teacher is doing a good job, send them a note and let them know that you are thankful for their time and commitment.

4. Save Great Teachers

According to StudentsFirst, “Many states are facing massive teacher layoffs in the coming years. When layoffs are based on seniority, our students lose great teachers.”

Click here and learn about the risk of losing effective teachers in your state. From there, take a moment to tell your legislators to demand that layoff decisions be based on teacher performance.

5. Help Rebuild Joplin Schools

The tornado that ravaged through Joplin, Missouri, last May has had lasting effects on the community. According to Mark Kinsley of Rebuild Joplin,  their school system had “20 buildings and nine of them were completely destroyed or severely damaged.” You can help students and teachers by donating to the Joplin Schools Tornado Relief recovery project.

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