Front Yard Farmer's Markets Coming to L.A.?

City officials debate allowing residential growers to set up shop.
L.A. residents will soon be able to sell produce in residential neighborhoods (Photo: Getty Images)
Sep 22, 2011
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While some cities have decided they would rather arrest people who show off their home vegetable gardens in their front yards, Los Angeles appears to be moving in the opposite direction.

By way of the fine folks at Curbed, we learned that planning officials in L.A. are debating a proposal to allow Angelenos who grow their own food to set up farmer's markets in residential areas. According to Curbed, the proposal:

will allow farmers' markets in residential zones (with a permit) and streamline the approval of farmers' markets in other zones (i.e., agricultural, commercial, manufacturing, and parking zones). Farmers' markets are currently banned in residential neighborhoods, but, in keeping with the trend for retro-agrarian chic, the new ordinance would allow homeowners to grow and sell food at their homes. This follows the 2010 ordinance that allows people to grow fruits, nuts, and flowers at their houses with the intent to sell.

The entire proposal is billed as a way of increasing Angelenos' access to healthy food. Check out all the details over at Curbed

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