How to Help: Hunger Awareness Month

Five ways to help alleviate hunger in America.
There are 17 million kids at risk of hunger in America. That's 1 in 4. (Photo: Keli Hoskins)
Sep 21, 2011
Jenny Inglee is a Los Angeles-based journalist and the Education Editor at TakePart.

September is Hunger Awareness Month and there are many ways you can reach out to help the millions of people suffering from hunger in America.

Here are five ways you can make a major impact.

1. Volunteer at Your Local Food Bank

Follow the link and click on your state to find volunteer opportunities at a local food bank near you.

2. Take the Hunger Quiz

How much do you know about hunger in America? Take Feeding America's hunger quiz and get educated on the issue.

3. Dine Out to Help End Childhood Hunger

There's still time to eat out and help alleviate childhood hunger in America! From now until September 24, you can help feed a child by dining out at one of over 5,000 participating restaurants. Share Our Strength's Dine-Out is just one way the organization is tackling childhood hunger. Click here for more ways to take action.

4. Learn About Programs Addressing Hunger, Poverty and Unemployment

The D.C. Central Kitchen is one of the many organizations that is tackling hunger head-on. They turn leftover food into millions of meals, offer culinary job training to once homeless and hungry adults and teach urban kids about healthy foods. Take a look at their website, learn what they do and how similar models can be implemented in your community.

5. Donate to Wholesome Wave Programs

Wholesome Wave programs are designed to make nutritious, locally grown food available and affordable to America’s underserved urban and rural communities. What sets them apart is how they facilitate the link between local agriculture and federal benefit recipients through incentive-based programs. You can help by making a donation today.

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