Photo of the Day: 'The Office,' Afghan Style

Kabul show runners produce a brave, new irreverent TV series.
Afghan actors prepare to shoot a scene for 'The Ministry.' (Photo: Ahmad Masood/Reuters)
Aug 8, 2011
Allan MacDonell is TakePart’s News + Opinion editor, with a focus on social justice.

The power of storytelling to effect change is a defining principle of TakePart’s parent company, Participant Media. Films such as An Inconvenient Truth, Darfur Now, North Country, Food Inc., The Cove and Waiting for ‘Superman’ all have the Participant touch, and all have spurred discussion, opened minds and altered attitudes.

Of course, changing the world is a team sport, and the newest addition to the world-changing storytelling team is a TV show shooting in Afghanistan called The Ministry. Think of the comedic mockumentary as The Office with AK-47s.

If this satirical take on corruption, nepotism and an opium economy, as filtered through the bumbling functionaries at a fictional government ministry, can move impoverished Afghan audiences to envision a future when they can sit down to a television series poking fun at drab office life, without AK-47s, then The Ministry will have played its part.

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