'Hardy' Goldfish Found Living 134 Days After Earthquake

Sometimes it pays to have a short memory.
When it comes to surviving in extreme conditions, it's a fish-eat-fish world.
Jul 28, 2011· 0 MIN READ
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On Wednesday the AP reported that a pair of goldfish were found amidst the rubble in downtown Christchurch, close to the epicenter of the disastrous New Zealand earthquake that killed 181 people in February.

"It's certainly an incredible story. I wouldn't have guessed that fish could survive on their own for four months," said Paul Clarkson, curator at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. "Goldfish are very hardy critters."

While we think it's pretty incredible that the goldfish lived for 134 days without any humans, it's worth pointing out they did have some help along the way: a spacious 26-gallon tank, with some weeds growing along the sides, and at least four fishy friends that mysteriously disappeared without a trace (think Finding Nemo meets Alive).

Fish-on-fish crime aside, it's yet another reminder that pets can be amazingly resilient, even in the worst of times. And this one is especially heartening, as the surviving fish were taken in and given a fresh start with fresh meat new neighbors.

My personal vote for survivor of the year, however, still has to go to either the tsunami dog lost at sea or the Maltese "Miracle Dog".