The Coolest Shirt Ever Stitched? (Seriously, It's Got a Built-In Fan)

Inside the Air-Conditioned Dress Shirt
Cool off with this air-conditioned shirt.
Jul 28, 2011· 0 MIN READ
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Cool clothing is soooooooo hot these days, especially in Japan.

A double whammy—sultry summer temperatures and the country’s inability to meet power demands after March’s earthquake and tsunami—has ballooned sales for a clothing line which sells shirts and jackets that come with built-in, battery-powered electric fans.

Kuchofuku Company reports that sales for the breezy products have topped 40,000 units.

The jacket—priced at $140—ain’t cheap, but nothing trendy ever is, right?

A single charge on the jacket’s lithium-ion battery pack will keep the fan oscillating for up to 11 consecutive hours.

According to TIME:

Each coat puffs up penguin-style when the fans are switched on, allowing the air to circulate through the insulated insides. And with a personal cooling system built into a person's clothes, there's no need for air conditioners to be cranked up.

"It came to me that we don't need to cool the entire room, just as long as people in it feel cool,” said company president Hiroshi Ichigaya, to AFP.

Interested in picking up a few of these shirts for the month of August?

You can't. They're completely sold out.

But check in periodiocally to the website (Japan Trends) and you might get lucky. After all, they really are a cool way to beat the heat.