Photo of the Day: Milking Emotions in Seoul

Farmers in the South destroy food as the North starves.
Milk dousing has all the visual grandeur of self-immolation, without those pesky and fatal burns. (Photo: Jo Yong hak/Reuters)
Jul 27, 2011
Allan MacDonell is TakePart’s News + Opinion editor, with a focus on social justice.

Facing the prospect of losing up to 6 million people to starvation, North Korea is soliciting food aid from the global community. Meanwhile, dairy farmers dressed in mourning clothes gathered in Seoul, South Korea, to engage in a political performance art piece that consisted of firing up a mock funeral bier and dousing themselves with fresh, delicious, nutritious milk.

The farmers' synchronized display of physical hyperbole is intended to demand a raise in milk prices from the South Korean government. To leave milk prices as they are, the performance infers, is a figurative death blow to the farmers.

Meanwhile, in the North, millions of men, women and children in the shadow of a death blow that is not figurative at all would trample one another for a chance to lap up the milky props of the farmers' mock show.

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