The Skinniest House on the Planet?

Alleyways Are Good For More Than the Trash Dumpster
Might be tough squeezing a Christmas Tree inside for the holidays—we're just saying.
Jul 26, 2011· 0 MIN READ
Salvatore Cardoni holds a political science degree from the George Washington University. He's written about all things environment since 2007.

Scooch over skinny jeans. Here comes the skinny house.

Designed by Jakub Szczesny of the architectural firm Centrala, Keret House will be the narrowest residence in Warsaw, Poland, according to Arch Daily. And, with the narrowest part of its interior measuring 72 centimeters, probably the skinniest dwelling in the world.

The house is the latest entry into the “thin is in” housing trend. See this Near House in Japan and this LEGO apartment in Barcelona.

Half art installation, half workspace, the house was created as a studio for Israeli writer Etgar Keret (hence the name).

Memo to claustrophobics: avert your eyes. (Photo Courtesy of Centrala)

Here's a highlight of the home’s unique features: three levels, suspended between two existing buildings and above an alleyway; electricity provided by a neighboring building; free-standing water, like the systems found on many boats; inhabitants can reach the second story only by climbing a ladder.

Construction is slated to begin in September.

Now, what to think of this space as an writer's studio? While Fast Company seems to think that a lack of windows could suffocate Keret's creativity, this writer disagrees. Light—natural or otherwise—as an ignition for inspiration is overrated. A dark room, with no Internet, and no distractions is this writer's recipe for creativity. Best of luck in the skinny, dark, suspended cave, Etgar.