'Worst of the Worst' Deported in Record Numbers

The Obama administration sent a record number of illegal aliens packing last year.
Border towns like Nogales, Mexico, attract deported immigrants attempting to reenter the U.S.
Jul 22, 2011· 0 MIN READ
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In an effort to make good on his campaign promise to crack down on the "worst of the worst" criminal immigrants, the Obama administration sent a record number of illegal aliens packing last year, according to the Associated Press.

Naturally, not everyone is happy about the record-setting uptick. Although nearly half of the 393,000 deported were categorized as criminals, immigration-rights groups noted that the vast majority of these were arrested on misdemeanor charges.

As reported by the AP:

Marshall Fitz, immigration policy director at the liberal Center for American Progress think tank, said some of the people being counted as criminals have committed traffic violations that would usually draw a traffic ticket. But when the driver can't produce a valid license, the officer pursues questions about immigration status.

Illegal immigrants caught in traffic stops often are pressured into signing an agreement to leave the United States and to pay a fine or somehow acknowledge responsibility for the traffic offense and thereby end up in the statistics as criminals even though they never went to court, Fitz said.

So is this an effective strategy for weeding out the so-called worst of the worst? Or is it nothing more than the Obama administration's version of bottom trawling, immigrant-style?

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