The Greatest Poster Ever Printed?

Everything That's Wrong With Our Oil-Soaked Economy
'Nuff said. (Photo: Courtesy of maxistenstialism)
Jul 22, 2011· 0 MIN READ
Salvatore Cardoni holds a political science degree from the George Washington University. He's written about all things environment since 2007.

Conjured up by Max Temkin, formerly a brand designer for Barack Obama, “Plastic Spoon” sums up “everything that’s wrong with our oil-soaked industrial economy”— in 63 painfully truthful, penetrating words.

This is normally the sentence where we’d give you a link to the poster and tell you to buy it to spread the word.

But, alas, it has sold out.

So, a request to Max: Dude. Print more. A lot more*. As many eyeballs as possible need to absorb the message.

* = assuming, of course, that you're using recycled paper.