Photo of the Day: Every Boy Needs a Dream

The annual gun show is the place to go to think big in the Philippines

A boy leans on a glass display case of handguns at Manila's annual Defense and Sporting Arms show. (Photo: Cheryl Ravelo/Reuters)
Allan MacDonell is TakePart’s News + Opinion editor, with a focus on social justice.

Manila's Defense and Sporting Arms show is a yearly hot ticket in the Philippines. In 2010, the event promised "High-Ranking Officials from Defense Ministries and the Army, the Navy and the Air Force of various Asian countries" as target visitors, with exhibitors covering the entire gamut of "Land, Air and Sea Defense Technology Equipment & Weapon System; Missiles, Tank, Guided Weapons; Vehicles, Transport, and Vessels; Satellites, Telecom and Electronic Defense Equipment; Security Systems, Launchers; and other related Technology and Systems."

But all that advanced weaponry cannot absorb and ignite a young boy's fantasy like the visual and functional poetry of a precision-crafted handgun.

In 2009, the Philippines was found to have more per capita gun-related deaths than any other country in Asia. The country is believed to be home to more than 1 million unregistered pistols, shotguns and assault rifles.

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