Taste One for the Team: KFC's Grilled Chicken

Jul 6, 2011
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Taste One for the Team is TakePart's periodic foray into the world of fast-food stunt meals and gimmick nutrition. We taste these crimes against food so you, our innocent readers, won't have to. This week, we see if the Colonel can get it right the second time around...

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It's baaa-aack!

Apparently two years was enough time for Kentucky Fried Chicken to forget the "fiasco" that resulted from the last time they introduced Grilled Chicken to its menu. 

Back in 2009, after one of the most overhyped product launches in the company's history, KFC was forced to pull Kentucky Grilled Chicken from its menu due to poor sales (and a few unfortunate Oprah-induced riots at stores). 

But now the Kentucky Grilled Chicken is back! And it's being sold to 2011's more health-conscious public as a better-for-you alternative to the fat-laden calorie bomb that is the chain's signature fried dish.

As an aside, those healthy claims could probably be an easier sell if one of the ingredients in Kentucky Grilled Chicken didn't cause cancer

Seeing as it's National Fried Chicken Day, we figured some of you might (in a moment of weakness, of course) find yourselves staring at a certain red-and-white menu featuring the new grilled chicken. So we strapped on our tasting suits and picked up a bucket of the stuff (oh, the things we do for you, dear readers). 

And—surprise!—we weren't impressed.

(Photo: TakePart).

The reactions among our hearty TakePart interns ranged from "bland and tasteless," to "a mouthful of lukewarm rubber," to "The skin of the watery, tasteless grilled chicken reminded me of plastic," and "Now I know why KFC deep fries their food."

In fact, to a person, we were all wondering what happened to those spices and herbs that KFC is touting as part of the new rollout. The only real discernible taste was salt, which makes sense, considering that one single chicken breast is packed with 730mg of salt. 

Our advice? KFC would be well served to take a hint from their history books and send these grilled chickens into retirement, one more time. 

And you, dear readers, should do your waistline and your taste buds a favor and take a pass on Kentucky Grilled Chicken. 

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