Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson: "Either Arrest Me or Shut Up" (VIDEO)

Jun 6, 2011
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Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson (with Michelle Rodriguez) in Cannes in May 2011. (Photo: Getty Images).

Did you catch the premiere of the latest season of "Whale Wars" on Animal Planet last Friday? If not, here's a taste of what you missed.

Indefatigable Captain Paul Watson, one of our buddies over at the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, sat down with New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin recently at the World Science Festival to talk about the "Whale Wars" star's in-your-face (and successful) tactics aimed at halting Japan's whale hunt.

And Watson was in characteristically pugnacious form.

When Revkin pointed out that he's been called a lot of things, including an ecoterrorist, by his foes, Watson pulled no punches:

"You know, when they call me an ecoterrorist, I say, 'arrest me or shut up. I'm not wanted for anything.'"

He's also got some choice words for Greenpeace. Watch the full video after the jump:

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