Drinking Ourselves Fat: Students Demonstrate the Damage of Soda

May 12, 2011
Megan Bedard is a sucker for sustainable agriculture and a good farmers market, she likes writing about food almost as much as eating it.

Over the past 30 years, obesity in America has more than doubled. So has soda consumption.

To illustrate a correlation between those two facts, Catalyst—a statewide movement of young people to address healthy eating—rallied 100 students in St. Paul, Minnesota, to erect a three-dimensional bar graph composed of soda cans. Each "bar" represents an uptick in obesity rates in the last three decades.

(Photo c/o Catalyst)

According to Andy Berndt, blogger for Catalyst:

We consume 200-300 calories more of sugar-sweetened beverages, per day, than we did 30 years ago. This includes soda, fruit drinks, sport drinks, sweetened teas and more. An average American currently consume 50 gallons of sugary beverages a year. That's 41 pounds of sugar, and 72,000 calories.

To watch the magic in action, check out the video of the April 10 event after the jump.

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