Taste One for the Team: Del Taco Mac 'N Cheese Crunch Bites

A not so great twist on an American classic.
So what exactly is this doing on a taco joint menu? (Photo: TakePart).
May 3, 2011
Megan Bedard is a sucker for sustainable agriculture and a good farmers market, she likes writing about food almost as much as eating it.

Taste One for the Team is TakePart's periodic foray into the world of fast-food stunt meals and gimmick nutrition. We taste these crimes against food so you, our innocent readers, won't have to. This week, we get our munchies on...

The Gimmick

When macaroni and cheese showed up at Del Taco, curiousity killed the TakePart cat. How, we wanted to know, did a dish familiar to babysitters everywhere become a member of the fast food menu—and at a taco joint to boot?

Somebody got the munchies, that's how.

When Del Taco ran out of things to fry, the big wigs of the company decided 'What the heck, let's fry some noodles.' Del Taco's Mac 'N Cheese Crunch Bites were born.

The Taste Test

Time in the car didn't help enhance the flavor of the little noodle pockets, but they held up alright for our TakePart taste test.

Bar food, in a crust shell. (Photo: TakePart)

Point 1: Del Taco.

Still, that's not exactly an incredible feat. Name a food that doesn't taste awesome deep-fat fried, and we'll name ten that do.

What we can say is this: all the fun comes in eating them; digesting them is another story altogether. No more than thirty seconds after consumption, several TakePart tasters started to complain of the greasy residue left in their mouths. One taster voiced his verdict succintly: "I can taste the belly fat."

Nutrition information is not yet available online, but we can assume that it would negate Del Taco's single point earned from successful attempt coating an American favorite with greasy, bar food crustiness.

The takeaway? If you must, try a mac 'n cheese bite. But be sure it's after 2 a.m.

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