Our Five Favorite Royal Wedding Charities

Apr 28, 2011
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Yeah, this stuff is tacky. But that doesn't mean the wedding can't do some good. (Photo: Reuters). 

Yes, we know. The world really doesn't need another royal wedding story. We've already pointed out we're just as over it as everyone else (pretends) to be. But before you click away, this isn't another post about Kate's dress, the wedding flowers, or the teacups and trinkets.

We've always been impressed here at TakePart HQ by the charity fund the couple set up. We look at it as a way to sort of harness all the hoopla to do some good. And it gives a good idea of where Kate and Wills plan on channeling their energy as they spend the next decades waiting for his ascension to the throne.

You can see the entire list at the couple's website. TakePart's five faves are after the jump.

  • Dance United — Lives Transformed Through Dance: "Dance United offers contemporary dance training for troubled young people. It's intensive: no excuses, no shortcuts, no hiding places. Young people often excel at the training and their achievement can be life-changing."
  • Beatbullying: "A children's charity, working with young people to create a world where bullying, violence and harassment are unacceptable."
  • ACT (Association for Children's Palliative Care):  "A UK charity working to achieve the best possible quality of life and care for terminally ill children and young people and their families."
  • Army Widows' Association: "Offers support, friendship and advice to Widows, Widowers and recognised Partners of service men and women who have died since 1981."
  • PeacePlayers International-Northern Ireland: "A cross-community charity that uses sport, specifically the game of basketball, to unite young people from the Protestant and Catholic communities."
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