Retro Action, April 9, 1989: In Washington, 500,000 Women March For Their Right To Choose

Apr 9, 2011· 0 MIN READ
Originally from Baltimore, Oliver lives and writes on a quiet, tree-lined street in Brooklyn.

Talk about girl power.

In an assemblage not seen in the nation's capital since Vietnam, 500,000 women gathered on this day in front of the White House in support of their right to choose.

The march, the brainchild of NOW (National Organization for Women), was in protest of anti-abortion laws pending in the Supreme Court threatening the reversal of 1972's Roe v Wade.

The organization followed up the historic protest with another 350,000 person rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial in November of that year. Called the "Mobilization for Women's Lives", the event sought to increase awareness for sex discrimination and harassment in the work place and helped lead to legislation .

As for the March for Women's Lives, it continues on — NOW held demonstrations in 1992 and 2004 in response to threatening legislation. So it's not going away anytime soon, at least not according to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

"I marched in 1989, and this is much bigger," said the Georgetown professor during the 2004 march. "I have just been told that this is the biggest march in American history."

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