Photo of the Day: Courage Runs Neck Deep in Malabon

Apr 8, 2011
Allan MacDonell is TakePart’s News + Opinion editor, with a focus on social justice.

The Philippines is rarely hailed as a center of abundance and prosperity, but the country's endemic poverty can't be due to a lack of resolve from its populace. If this resident of the seaside village of Malabon is indicative, the island nation's people are resilient in calamity and hopeful despite the slimmest of odds.

Suddenly, it&39;s silly to be upset about being unable to find your car keys. (Photo: Erik de Castro/Reuters)

A pre-dawn fire raged through Malabon on Thursday. The community's houses were constructed of light materials and nestled almost on top of one another, hampering firefighter efforts. While no casualties were reported, 500 homes were razed, and 3,000 people displaced. The blaze appears to have been caused by an exploding liquified petroleum gas (LPG) tank.

The man above is wading in neck-deep water filled with debris, searching for items of value. So far, he has found three clean cigarettes.Rodrigo Reyes, fire chief of the Malabon Fire Station, reminded residents not to be "too reliant" on firemen as far as fire prevention is concerned.

Malabon was the site of relief efforts following 2007 flooding and a 2009 typhoon. No relief information is available for Thursday's fire victims, but rebuilding seems to be a given.

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