Photo of the Day: Crawling for Petroleum

Allan MacDonell is TakePart’s News + Opinion editor, with a focus on social justice.

War has a way of disrupting life's daily routines. For instance, in a "normal" universe, this man might be walking home after dropping his kid off at soccer practice and thinking about sharing a hubbly bubbly pipe with his loafer friends at the local cafe. But such a vision of smoky domesticity is ludicrous. This apparently unarmed man is a Libyan rebel taking cover from explosions during a fight with troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi outside Brega in eastern Libya. He knows what reality means: He must crawl with all his might, or war will have its way of disrupting his daily routine wholly and irrevocably.

Wouldn&39;t you rather be at home teaching your baby how to walk? (Photo: Youssef Boudial/Reuters)

But don't expect the minor disturbances caused by artillery bombardments and no-fly enforcement to alter the path of  commerce. Rebels in Tobruk are preparing to export oil from Libya for the first time since March. A Liberian-flagged tanker has docked at an eastern port and will soon be floating off to the free world, carrying $100 million worth of crude.

So if this man on his hands and knees has faltered for a moment, and lost sight of what he is fighting for, the cause comes clear, and he regains the strength to crawl, baby, crawl.

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