'Do One Thing' With Ronald McDonald House Charities

Apr 4, 2011

"Do One Thing" is a TakePart series highlighting awesome organizations that are making big impacts. We call it "Do One Thing" because our aim is to give you access to the basic tools that will get you involved in advancing the mission and making this world a better place.

Volunteers who help make the Dallas Ronald McDonald House a home throughout the year, also help the guests create Gratitude Cards for Thanksgiving (credit: courtesy of Ronald McDonald House Charities).

When a loved one gets sick, the illness can shake an entire family. This is especially true when that loved one is a child. Depending on the illness or injury, it is sometimes necessary for children to be transported to a different city or state in order to receive the best medical care. In that instance, what is the family to do?

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) eases the burden on families by providing a welcoming home at little or no cost during the time their child is in the hospital. RMHC volunteers stock the fridge with fresh, wholesome meals to relieve stress on the parents. The organization also provides activities for the siblings of ill children, since very often other children in the family don't receive as much attention during the stress of caring for a sick child. RMHC is a supportive presence that helps families get through the tough times.

How Ronald McDonald House Charities helps families:

One of the many families served by Ronald McDonald House (Photo: courtesy of Ronald McDonald House Charities).

Ronald McDonald House Charities operate three core programs in various cities throughout 52 countries.

The first of these programs is the Ronald McDonald House®, which provides a warm and welcoming place for parents and families to stay while their child is in the hospital, without having to carry the burden of the cost or arrangements.

There's also the Ronald McDonald Family Room® in hospitals. This provides a friendly with a restful escape from some of the harder aspects of coping with their child's treatment—all the while remaining nearby to communicate with the medical team.

RMHC also reaches out to under-served communities with medical testing and dental care, through Ronald McDonald Care Mobile®.

What makes Ronald McDonald House Charities so awesome:

Lauren Fischer, the RMHC Communications Supervisor, says it best: "Ronald McDonald House Charities is one of the only charitable organizations that supports the whole family. We build our programs to keep families together when they need it most. We build nurturing, supportive communities that help children and families gain strength to get through the tough times."

Why you should care:

"RMHC takes care of a need—research shows that children heal faster and cope better when they have their families close by. This is why RMHC creates programs like the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room to keep families together when they need it most. These programs offer supportive communities where families can gain strength to weather the storm," says Fischer.

One thing you can do:

McDonald&39;s All-American Basketball players give back (Photo: courtesy of Ronald McDonald House Charities).

Come witness RMHC's amazing programs first hand! Once you see inside the walls of a Ronald McDonald House, you're bound to become a lifelong advocate of their life changing work.

Through the entire month of April, RMHC invites you to join in on their volunteer campaign. Here, you'll find inspiration to get involved in ways big and small. Share a story, bake a cake, or get the message out there on Facebook and Twitter.

"We hope that people who aren’t familiar with our work will never have to use our programs and services, but they can rest assured if their child gets sick or injured, and they have to be away from home to get the best medical care for that child, there will be an RMHC program to support them," says Fischer.

Yeah, we feel pretty inspired too.

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