The Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: The World's Most Expensive Dog

Mar 16, 2011
Originally from Nashville, Toby is very social and loves media.

Art: Polish frost drawings at the Singapore Art Biennale. [DesignBoom]

Commentary: Looking back at the New York 1970s dance boom. [City Journal]

TV: Neil Gaiman's The Sandman will be adapted for television. [ONTD]

Invention: A brilliant beer rack for your bike. [Etsy]

Social Media: The life of a Social Media Manager. [The Awl]

Comics: Jack Kirby's "My Little Pony." [Comics Alliance]

Film: A new way of looking at some of your favorite movies. [If You Watch It Backwards]

Pets: The world's most expensive dog. [ABC News]

History: The Duke and Duchess of Windsor. [The Selvedge Yard]

Humor: Lovey dovey self portraits. [Oli and Alex]

Photography: Max Wagner starts a tumblr. [Oh My Leftovers]

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