TakePart Tune In: Gleeking Out, the Grammys and Colin Firth Inspiring Young Stutterers

Feb 7, 2011
Jenny Inglee is a Los Angeles-based journalist and the Education Editor at TakePart.

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If Colin Firth wins an Oscar as King George VI, will words fail him? (Photo: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

Monday, February 7

Inside the Actors Studio: Colin Firth chats with James Lipton about preparing for his role in The King's Speech.

The actor's portrayal of the former King of England may win an Academy Award and has already won him the hearts of kids with stuttering problems. Erik Yehl, an 11-year-old from Chicago, says the film gave him confidence. (Bravo 7pm)

Tuesday, February 8

Glee: Calling all Gleeks! This week's episode will bring back the days of adolescent love and heartbreak when a Valentine's Day kissing booth comes to McKinley High. (FOX 8/7c)

Wednesday, February 9

Making Stuff Smarter: What if an Army truck could heals its own bullet wounds or an airplane's wing could change shapes as it flies? Scientists are creating adaptable materials quicker than we think. (PBS 9pm)

Thursday, February 10

Archer: Suave spy Sterling Archer meets trouble when a call girl shows up with a baby and a subpoena for a paternity test. The nightime animation series is in its second series on FX. (FX 10pm)

Friday, February 11

Wrong Turn: The Kati Kim Story: For the first time, Kati Kim tells the story of her family taking a wrong turn during a holiday trip and being trapped in the Oregon wilderness for nine days. The two-hour account airs on 20/20. (ABC 9pm ET)

Saturday, February 12

The Sunset Limited: Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson bring an adaptation of a Cormac McCarthy play, The Sunset Limited, to a TV near you. The two-character drama examines the relationship between two strangers after Jackson, an ex-con, thwarts Jones's suicide attempt. (HBO 9pm)

Sunday, February 13

Grammy Awards: Will Eminem sweep the Grammys? The rapper has the most nominations and will be performing, as will Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Wonder if Gaga will wear a vegetable gown to offset her legendary meat dress...

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