Finger Lickin' Goodness? KFC Has a Plan to Fight African Hunger

Dec 9, 2010
Exec. Prod. of Franchises & Series. He previously reported for HuffPost, L.A. Daily Journal, and Biloxi Sun-Herald.
The Double Down. Coming soon to Africa? (Photo: Reuters)

Never fear, hungry people of Africa! The Colonel is coming to save you!

Unfortunately, we're serious.

Yum Brands, the parent company of KFC, wants to double the number of its restaurants in Africa to 1,200 by 2014. 

KFC is already the biggest fast-food brand in South Africa, with more than 600 stores. As part of its new expansion push, the chain expects to become a $2 billion brand on the continent, with new outlets in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and Angola.

The brand's overall strategy sees the developing world playing an ever greater role in the company's quest for profits. 

So, get ready, Accra, Lusaka, and Lagos: The Double Down is on its way!

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