That Figures: Mexico's Drug War

Dec 9, 2010· 0 MIN READ
Following the lead of Wilt Chamberlain, Adam vacated his native Philadelphia for Los Angeles following decades of acclaim and short shorts. He firmly believes that, when it comes to the opportunity for change, we’re on the goal line with bases loaded and no fouls to give. He also finds inspiration in mixed sports metaphors.


lives have been lost to Mexico's raging drug war since January 2007.
people have been killed since 2008 in Ciudad Juarez alone, just 10 miles south of El Paso, Texas.
$1.6 billion
has been spent by the U.S. to combat its neighbor's drug war since 2007, compared to $365 billion over the same period in Afghanistan.
90 percent
of crime guns recovered and traced from a sampling of weapons used in Mexico's drug war originated in the U.S.
$10.9 billion
worth of cocaine, marijuana and heroin have been seized by Mexican authorities since 2006.
$40 billion
is reaped every year by Mexican drug cartels in the course of feeding America's drug habit.

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Photo:Davies and Starr/Getty Images