Uplifting Business: Sir Richard's Condoms

Dec 2, 2010
Sir Richard's condoms come in 4 varieties: Classic Ribbed, Utra Thin, Extra Large, and Pleasure Dots just for her. Photo courtesy of Sir Richard's Condom Company.

When Mathew Gerson set out to found a new business, he focused on an obvious, yet inexplicably unmet need: to create a brand of condoms that made people feel good about having sex.

Twice as good, in fact.

In November, Sir Richard's Condom Company was born. When a pretty plaid Sir Richard’s packet is sold here in the U.S., another condom gets sent to a part of the world where HIV infection is prominent, and where free protection is not readily available. As Gerson explains, “Sir Richard’s is a buy one, give one condom. Every time we sell a condom, we will manufacture another condom and make it available for free.”

TakePart caught up with Gerson at his Venice Beach, California, studio, and asked him what else sets Sir Richard’s apart from the usual suspects. Gerson, without missing a beat, said “you do.” Because people who buy Sir Richard’s will be more sensitive, more socially aware, and, as logic would follow, better in bed.

Who wouldn't feel good about that?

Watch TakePart's interview with Mathew Gerson, here:

Sir Richard's condoms can be purchased in Los Angeles at Fred Segal, at the Paul Smith store in New York, online, and at most Whole Foods stores nationwide.

Quick Study: HIV/AIDS

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