That Figures: Unemployment

Dec 1, 2010· 0 MIN READ
Following the lead of Wilt Chamberlain, Adam vacated his native Philadelphia for Los Angeles following decades of acclaim and short shorts. He firmly believes that, when it comes to the opportunity for change, we’re on the goal line with bases loaded and no fouls to give. He also finds inspiration in mixed sports metaphors.


9.6 percent
of the United States' labor force is currently unemployed.
45.9 percent
of those unemployed have been out of work for more than 26 weeks, officially placing them among the ranks of the long-term unemployed.
The average, weekly unemployment benefit, before taxes.
7.9 million
jobs were lost in the Great Recession, many of which will never come back.
more people become working-age every month, deepening the unemployment hole.
2 million
Americans are slated to lose their unemployment benefits, just three weeks before Christmas.

Sources:The Associated Press | The Urban Institute | The Bureau of Labor Statistics | CNN

Photo: Dorothea Lange/Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum