5 Great Articles to Get You Through an Airport Delay

Nov 23, 2010
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Post grope, something to read can really come in handy. (Photo: Reuters Pictures). 

Thanksgiving offers a few certainties: a golden turkey, the Macy's parade, some great football games, and airport delays.

If you're flying to your holiday meal, chances are, at some point you'll be stuck waiting in an airplane terminal or cooling your jets on a tarmac. 

Some people pass the time drinking at the airport bar. Some people throw DVDs into their laptops. Here at TakePart HQ, we suggest you bring these great stories along to pass the inevitable delay. They're great examples of the long-form journalism that most of us are usually too busy to read.

FOOD: "If You Knew Sushi" (Vanity Fair, June 2007)—Writer Nick Tosches goes inside the world's largest fresh fish market (Tokyo's Tsukiji) to bring alive the daily chaos and color of a place where a single bluefin can fetch $170,000.

CONFLICT IN THE CONGO: "Congo, The Horror" (GQ, January 2010)—The Congo slaughter has been the deadliest on Earth since World War II. And there is absolutely no end to the carnage in sight. GQ heads to the shifting front lines of Africa's most horrific catastrophe.

EDUCATION: "Your Child Left Behind" (The Atlantic, December 2010)—Even children of privilege in our best public schools are being far outperformed by their foreign peers. 

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: "The D.I.Y. Foreign Aid Revolution" (New York Times Magazine, October 24, 2010)—Discover how a group of dedicated individuals is bypassing governments and international organizations and doling out foreign aid dollars themselves. 

INSPIRING PEOPLE: "25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World" (UTNE Reader, December 2010)—UTNE brings you 25 people who have the ability to dream up ways to actually make this crazy world of ours a better place. 

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