South African Census Worker To Carry Clipboards AND Condoms

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Maybe it just makes sense in a nation with one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world, but the decision of census officials in South Africa to send their workers out into the field with clipboards AND condoms is raising quite a few eyebrows. 

About 120,000 workers will fan out across the country beginning in October 2011, and officials insist that the condoms are for private time. But that hasn't stopped some from speculating about some on-the-job nookie.

Reuters picks up the official denials:

"We are not saying that people should have sex on the job" said Trevor Oosterwyk, a spokesman for the agency. "Should people decide to engage in sexual activity, they should do it safely," he told Reuters on Friday.

Makes sense to us. Even if we here at TakePart HQ are a little weirded out by the thought of condom-toting government workers knocking on our doors. 

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