New Site Can Save You Money on Green Goodies

Nov 1, 2010· 1 MIN READ
Buy this 100 percent organic cowl-neck top in truffle at Pure Citizen at a discount, then send the money you saved to the nonprofit of your choice. (Photo: Pure Citizen)

Statement: A new website that's devoted to making the world a better place, one discounted item at a time. Launching today, Pure Citizen offers daily sales that only last 24 hours—much like other coupon websites like Groupon, Gilt or LivingSocial, only these products are organic, fair trade, biodynamic, natural, sustainable, recycled, get the idea. Good stuff. You can expect goods that are marked down 30-50 percent.

Behind the statement: Pure Citizen was started by interior designer Amy Ludwigson as a sister site to her other venture, Pure Habitat (where you can also buy eco-conscious items, though not always at a discount). As if 30-50 percent off weren't enough, each sale on Pure Citizen will also benefit a nonprofit organization of the featured brand's choice. And it's in your hands: You can choose which percentage of your savings, if any, you donate to that day's nonprofit.

Stuff you'll find: We love today's deal: simple, flattering T-shirts and tanks from organic designer Spun. Expect to find nontoxic beauty products, fair trade accessories and more eco-chic garb all, of course, shipped to you in Earth-friendly packaging. As the site says, "Do not judge us if the box looks like it went around the world a couple of times. We reuse everything, and we mean everything. It’s very likely you will find some of our old T-shirts that have too many holes in them protecting your breakables."

They won't tell us what their next sale will be but that's half the fun.

Extra goodies: Sign up for Pure Citizen's daily email and get the deals delivered right to your inbox. If you sign up today you'll be automatically entered to win a $500 gift certificate for joining.

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