The Green Way to Clean Your Teeth

Oct 28, 2010· 1 MIN READ
Dr. Sharp&39;s new fluoride-free toothpaste. This one is is made with green tea for some extra green goodness.

Thing: Dr. Sharp’s new eco-friendly, fluoride-free line of toothpastes and mouthwashes cleans and whitens your teeth without harsh, potentially harmful chemicals.

Why We Dig It: Since fluoride has been linked to a slew of potential health risks and few health benefits, this toothpaste offers an all-natural alternative to fighting tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. And the pastes come in tasty flavors like fresh mint, green tea and strawberry cream (specially formulated for kids).

The Gadget Facts: Unlike traditional oral care products – which are loaded with harsh chemicals, parabens, alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate – Dr. Sharp’s products contain tea tree extracts. These unique botanical extracts have been shown to prevent tooth decay, suppress the growth of cavity-causing bacteria, acids and viruses, and increase the acid resistance of your tooth enamel. His toothpastes and mouthwashes contain certified organic botanicals, natural flavors, and stevia (for sweetness). What’s more, Dr. Sharp’s eco-friendly packaging is printed with soy ink and the bottles are BPA-free. Incidentally, Tom’s of Maine has a line of toothpastes and mouthwashes that are fluoride-free, but most also contain sodium lauryl sulfate – a chemical that’s absent in Dr. Sharp’s line. Flavors range from winter mint to silly strawberry. Tom’s also includes formulas for whitening, sensitive teeth and kids.

Why You Can Feel Good: With only natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, using Dr. Sharp’s products can help you protect your pearly whites for life – and you won’t be harming animals or the environment in the process.

Cost: Each toothpaste costs $11.95, but you can get all three flavors for the bargain price of $25.95. Mouthwash runs about $13.

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