Dark Chocolate: The Best Halloween Candy You Can Give or Get

Oct 22, 2010
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Bite and prosper. (Photo: Creative Commons).

Rejoice, candy fiends!

There's actually candy you can eat this Halloween season and NOT feel pained by the stomachache/tooth decay/weight gain normally associated with the holiday.

This same candy is also good for your choloesterol and blood pressure, and helps prevent blood clots. 

So what is this miracle substance?

Dark chocolate, of course!

Just how great is dark chocolate? Well, among its many benefits:

A little kiss that mixes health and pleasure. (Photo: Dove).

Plus, a certain TakePart editor was told by her kid's dentist (yes dentist) that she should give her daughter dark chocolate. That's as good as an American Dental Association endorsement to us! We're sold. 

So, how do you deliver all this heart-healthy goodness to the neighborhood kids this Halloween?

We're partial to the Dove Dark Chocolate Promises here at TakePart HQ. (Confidential to the boss: can we get more in the kitchen? Kthx!).

Other cheap and bite-sized options include Hershey's Nuggets. And, hey, if you really wanna go crazy, why not just go all out and buy a pack of mini exotic dark chocolate bars from Vosges.

Then the kids down the street REALLY won't egg your house. 

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