Isn't It Time to "Look Up, Stop Texting"?

Oct 21, 2010· 1 MIN READ
(Photo: Margit Detweiler)


"Hey watch where you're going lady!"

"Sorry, was just texting, sorry. Ack."

Has this happened to you? You're walking down the street, responding to an "urgent" text from your husband about what to have for dinner that night, when you knock right into another human being.

Oh, the shame.

Cat Greenleaf, the host of NBC's Talk Stoop (where she interviews celebs on the stoop of her Brooklyn brownstone), has launched a campaign to stop this digital obsession, along with a line of clothing, accessories and jewelry called Look Up Stop Texting.

"It's a danger issue, and it's a quality of life issue," Greenleaf tells TakePart. "Not to mention that it's totally acceptable for me to be texting in the middle of our conversation right now. Emily Post is rolling over in her grave."

Tank tops and tees are emblazoned with an arrow pointing up that read, "Look Up, Stop Texting." She also has Sex and the City-style gold and silver nameplate necklaces with the same phrases. To really drive the message home, she's made IPhone and Blackberry cases that say "Put It Down."

Greenleaf says she started this campaign after getting off the subway and noticing a building she'd never seen before.

"I realized how much I was missing.... Also, as a new mom, I'm afraid of all the dangerous things that can happen while people are walking and texting, texting while driving..."

A self-professed Blackberry addict, Greenleaf's goal isn't for people to stop texting entirely, but to take a break and add a measure of control.

She writes on her website, "The lives we're living take place on a miniscule monitor, and the life we're missing out on is: wonder, experience, contemplation, true connection."

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